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"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

What is Aim for Change?

Aim for Change is a challenge to everyone to live out Mahatma Gandhi's words to the fullest. Its a call to seek out where we can make a difference on the local, national, or international level, and set ourselves to the task of being the agents of that change.

Aim for Change is an awakening that tells us there is more than just people and images on a screen, there is more to the world than "us" and "them", and there are opportunities for even the smallest contribution of positive change that can go a long way.

Aim for Change is a statement that we have to aim for the change we want, we have to strive for it, and most importantly, it is a statement of our power over the issues and problems facing our time. Aim for Change is a voice that shouts "this is what I've done!"

Ok...But what is Aim for Change at EWB York?

Aim for Change at EWB York is a campaign to focus our efforts. It's a way for the chapter to unite under a common theme, and is an identity that we can get behind in the York community. At EWB York, we're organizing events that are going to affect real change at the local, national, and international levels all at once!

Real Change, you say?


Local: Through High School Outreach (HSO) presentations, we're getting into the classrooms of the future change agents. We're running education modules on world issues of water, food, and energy. By exposing these young minds to the complex issues facing the world today, we can prepare them to look at things in a more critical, educated way and to take action. Check out the HSO page to learn more, including opportunities to get out to a high school class and give a presentation or two!

York's new School of Engineering has given us the go-ahead to create a new module for the first year engineering class that will expose them to the world of international development from an engineering perspective. Through these curriculum enhancement initiatives we're going to be reaching students on a higher level than a High School Outreach presentation, and will be giving them the opportunity to research and learn about overseas development issues with a focus on the cultural and social factors of engineering.

National: Bill C-293 is an important stepping stone on Canada's path to provide better aid and meet its 0.7% pledge (the pledge to give 0.7% of Canada's GDP to international development projects). EWB York is campaigning for Bill C-293 by sending in a petition filled with signatures to Judy Sgro, the MP for the York Community.

International: EWB York is focused on sending one person overseas to Zambia for a four month placement to get hands-on experience in a real international development project. While overseas, our volunteer will be encouraged and expected to integrate with the local community, learn as much as possible about the situation in a developing country, and make a positive impact on the lives of the host community. Once she gets back from her summer abroad, Her knowledge and enthusiasm will be an asset as we bring about educational and learning changes through outreach events and presentations.